Education & Career guidance programme

The Education & Career Guidance Program is a comprehensive counseling process, our Counselors conduct personal interviews with the Counselees and use psychometric (vocational interests & personality) tests, thus helping them explore and understand their professional interests and personality aspects. The Individual Career Guidance Programme focuses on providing Counselees with comprehensive information on the educational or professional options they have matching their preferences, and on acquiring all the necessary skills in order to achieve their goals.

Instead of choosing your path based on random happenings or scattered information that is not scientifically confirmed and proven, we aim to incorporate research, scientific findings and our Counselees individual characteristics and skills in order to specify which career and academic paths are best for them so they will reach their optimal potential.

We deliver to our Counselees a holistic approach of what they can gain from choosing specific academic or career paths. In addition, we provide thorough information on what needs to be done for them to achieve their goals (enhance skills, self-discovery, time-management, stress-management) based on their unique personal characteristics, skills and aptitudes.

Our Education & Career Guidance Programme offered by the Institute of Development and highly trained Experts, appeals to:

  • Students (Junior High or High School).
  • Any age individuals that want to further their Academic studies or professional expertise.
  • Any age individual that wants to enhance their career. 

Methods we use and services we offer:

  • Private Session with an Expert
    • Counselling / Guidance / Self-discovery
  • Individual Career Guidance Programme
    • Includes 2-3 sessions with an expert Education & Career Guidance counsellor (total duration approx. 3½ hours)
    • Psychometric Tools Implementation Vocational Interests & Personality Tests
    • Additional Material and Information Psychometric Test Results Report in printed form, a list of suggested Study Programmes and Universities based on your results and any other information that might be required).
    • Available for telephone or email communication anytime for a full year.
  • Choosing Main Core Modules
    • For Entry to Universities in Cyprus and/or Greece.
    • Create an accurate List of Preferences (Schools and Study Programmes)
    • You can additionally request to take a Psychometric test.
  • Studying Abroad Programme:
  • Researching the best options regards the Study Programme & University with a detailed presentation.
  • Completing Applications for Universities abroad.
  • Preparing all the needed documents CV / Reference Letters / Personal Statement.
  • Choosing a Post-Graduate Degree Programme
  • Career Development:
    • Career Coaching (setting priorities, goal setting, time management, creating opportunities).
    • Career Change Counselling.
    • Preparation of CV.

The Individual Career Guidance Programme procedure is applied as follows:

1st Meeting
It lasts 1 hour and involves a discussion between only the counselor and the student.

It lasts 1 hour and involves filling in electronically the following psychometric tools: a) vocational interest’s inventory and b) trait’s personality questionnaire.

2nd Meeting
It lasts 1½ hour and involves the analysis of the tests results and the completion of the counseling process. It is proposed to include the parents in the discussion, always with the student’s consent.

This program aims at:

  • helping the students discover their aptitudes and professional interests.
  • securing the students’ reliable and timely information on the departments and faculties available to them in tertiary education (Universities – Technological Educational Institutes – Military and Police Academies)
  • presenting students with the professional outlets offered to them by each department/faculty
  • making students able to prioritize their choices according to their preferences and to set a specific goal, which they will attempt to achieve through the Pancyprian Exams.

The Individual Vocational Guidance Program is addressed at:

  • students, who wish to discover their aptitudes, discuss their concerns and complete their individual information on the schools so as to be able to draw up their personal development plan.
  • parents, who wish to help their children choose a suitable course of studies, but also to obtain information themselves on the system for getting access to higher education and the vocational outlets for university graduates.

To book an appointment, please call: 22465106 or email at: