HR Diagnostics

In today’s incredibly competitive business environment, organisations are continuously striving to increase their competitiveness and their human resource productivity in order to survive. Therefore, the implementation of effective and legally compliant HR practices becomes a priority.

These practices have to be evaluated through a controlled procedure (HR Audit) to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the human factor.

An HR audit is a procedure of thorough control/ evaluation of current policies, procedures, systems and documents of an organisation, in order to identify areas of improvement in relation to functions related to human resources.

Additionally, the HR Audit offers an evaluation of the compliance level (and the possible risks that may arise) due to the ever-changing legislation.

Our experienced consultants have developed a comprehensive HR Audit methodology based on best practices gained from years of international experience.

The organisations choosing to undertake the HR Audit service we provide will benefit from the knowledge and experience of our experienced consultants. We always work closely with our client organisations during the diagnostic stage. Our reports include practical solutions based on interna­tional standards.

By undergoing the HR Audit the organisation will be in a position to:


Identify issues that affect the effectiveness of the organisation


Discover practical ways through which it can optimize human resource management.


Evaluate the HR procedures to confirm that they support the business plan of the organization.


Focus on specific HR human resource functions to ensure they support your organization’s short- and long-term goals